Why You Must End Your Inconsistent Voice or Style

Many creatives are drawn to a variety of different directions, both in terms of the medium used and subjects they decide to use in their work. Sure, it can be fun to try out or learn new techniques and its essential in a way if you are to grow, but success at The Model means that your voice or style; your brand needs consistency.  Your Real Collectors need to understand what you are going to produce and when you unveil some newly finished piece, it needs to male sense in terms of a sensible progression to those who support you.  Ricocheting through the vastness of possibilities can alienate those who would otherwise start collecting your work. It's great to know that you dabble in a wide range of mediums from pottery, to watercolour, to pastels, to pen & ink, to lino cutting.  Notwithstanding the colours, materials, different sizes, bolting down your brand to something that is instantly known by those who see it is a giant leap [...]

Artistic Word List

When writing descriptions for pieces, your bio or artist statement, it's a reality that words can often escape us. Words are important.  As an artist, you need to become practised at saying what you mean and meaning what you say.  Collectors can and will decide to buy something or not based on the written narrative you attach to your work. Not all visual artists are blessed with the gifts of a wordsmith either.  We understand that. Also for those first entering the world of art, the language can be high faluting, pretentious, daunting and off putting. We have therefore taken the time to create a list of our favourite artistic words for a dictionary project which over time will be completed with definitions using various online sources and where a phrase is used, it will be defined either by another source or by our editor. We hope this turns into a useful resource for all who need it. As always, if you can see the need for [...]

10 Top Tips for Open Studio Success

What's Open Studio? Most artists are aware of what Open Studio events are but for those who are new to the game, here is a definition: "A studio or workroom which is made accessible to anyone and everyone, where artistic or creative work can be viewed and bought." For a successful Open Studio event, you need to plan to get yourself the greatest result. We have assumed that you know how to advertise using the ArtMarketDirect events page or on social media so without further ado: 10 Top Tips for Open Studio Success: 1 Brand: For some artists, hearing the word brand can be off-putting. Don't let something like a word get in the way of getting your work in front of a new audience. You need to think about your style and all the things (including you) which supports that. Bottom line it is you and your brand which is selling the piece. (See: Sharing Success) 2 Tidy Up: Its all very well flinging open your doors [...]

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Where You Can Upload Your Work Online

Getting your artwork online by uploading it to ArtMarketDirect.com is a great way to create a checkout facility for your family, friends, contacts and collectors to use to buy your artwork. With our flat-rate 10% for our FREE package or 3% if you bet on yourself commissions we know that we better value than many industry leading online galleries and marketplaces. We are so confident that we have the fairest deal online, we have provided a list of our peers and equals below. That way you can compare what's there and do what's right for you to create the right 'marketing mix' to sell your artwork. At the ArtMarketDirect Basecamp. we often talk about how we are not interested in competing. Instead, we talk about how the global market is big enough for everyone and we hope everyone succeeds. After your work is uploaded to your gallery on ArtMarketDirect the question is "who knows it's there?" Putting your work on any online site is not the be all [...]

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Where You Can Find Us On Facebook

Where To Find Us On Facebook Our Wonderful Fan Page: Our Fan Page 'Art Market Direct' can be found here: https://www.facebook.com/artmarketdirect/ We also manage various groups which might be of interest depending on your medium: Exclusive Group ARTMARKETDIRECT.COM - https://www.facebook.com/groups/artmarketdirect/ (EXCLUSIVE to artists who upload to our main site) Non-Exclusive Groups PAINTING COLLECTION (ART) - https://www.facebook.com/groups/paintingcollection/ DRAWING COLLECTION (ART) - https://www.facebook.com/groups/drawingcollection/ DIGITAL ART COLLECTION - https://www.facebook.com/groups/digitalartcollection/ COLLAGE COLLECTION (ART) - https://www.facebook.com/groups/collagecollection/ SCULPTURE COLLECTION (ART) - https://www.facebook.com/groups/sculpturecollection/ TYPOGRAPHICAL COLLECTION (ART) - https://www.facebook.com/groups/typographicalcollection/ PHOTOGRAPHY COLLECTION (ART) - https://www.facebook.com/groups/photographycollection/ PRINT COLLECTION (ART) - https://www.facebook.com/groups/printcollection/ THE ART COMPETITION - https://www.facebook.com/groups/theartcompetition/ The general rules of each group First things first; take off your shoes and make yourself at home. This group is for ANY digital artists to post their artistic creations, details of up and coming exhibitions, submission invitations, competitions, events, work in progress and requests for recommendations, information, advice or guidance from the group cohort. It does not matter to us what software you use. If you create digital art - we [...]

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What Makes Art Sell?

What Makes Art Sell? Email us at admin@artmarketdirect.com using ‘Sharing Success case study’ as the subject. Although we do not promise that we will feature you and we can’t feature everyone, we do promise that we will get back to you in any event. If we are going to feature you we will email you a link to the online form you will need to complete, together with quotes, text and media. We will also send you some guidance o help you fill it in. We do not publish anything which you have not told us, but we do retain editorial rights to condense, cut, paraphrase and edit what you give us, although you will have the final say on the way the article reads. Be featured In this section of our website, we will feature artists who want to share their business model to success. Obviously, not all successful artists use the same business model. Some celebrate local virtues whilst others exploit international opportunities. One artist might [...]

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