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Support ethos

We are a community bound by creativity and inspiration and where we can, we need to support one another’s events.  That support comes in many different fashions.  It may be that an event is local to you and you can physically give support by going.  It may be that you can share the event on social media – however, we can support one another – there is a moral incentive to do so.  At ArtMarketDirect, we believe that the art market is big enough for all to win.

Events you can list

Events which we routinely list include:

All events can be shared to social media platforms.

  • art fairs
  • biennials & triennials (FREE TO LIST)
  • consultations
  • call for submissions
  • degree shows (FREE TO LIST)
  • exhibitions
  • festivals
  • installations
  • markets (such as Christmas markets)
  • meetings (AGM or routine/scheduled)
  • networking
  • open studios (FREE TO LIST)
  • panel discussions
  • performances
  • pop-up shop opening
  • private view
  • talks/lectures
  • training or workshops
  • shows (group or solo)
  • social (such as quiz, drinks or dinner)

What are you waiting for?


You will be able to add your event to our list below:

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With ArtMarketDirect.com artists are able to take control of their own careers, list their own pieces for sale to collectors and undertake their own fulfillment of orders.

The only stipulation on ArtMarketDirect.com is that the work you list is your own and is original. Where prints are for sale, we ask that all image copyrights belong to you and that you are legally disposed to sell the pieces you have on offer.

The site is FREE to use with only 10% sales commission OR for those willing to bet on themselves with only a nominal subscription (from less than £1/month) to upload unlimited artwork and very low 3% commission on sales.
If you are a creative ArtMarketDirect.com is the best option you have.

Header image by rawpixel from Pixabay

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