Getting Back On Track

Who would have thought making a FREE entry level to our subscription plans would have had an unplanned impact on one of our Facebook groups? Yet, this is exactly what happened with THE ART COMPETITION.

Part of what has made THE ART COMPETITION prize less relevant was because we made the entry-level tier of our subscriptions FREE. This took the wind out of our sails but we have been talking and thinking about how we might resolve this going forward.

It is true, THE ART COMPETITION has been a little sidelined. But that is now to change.

It has been some time since we last announced a monthly prize winner but in that time dedicated artists have been busy posting their work for you to Like or Share and you, to your credit, have been Liking and Sharing.

That does provide us with a great opportunity to go back on the groups Discussion and determine who has done the best and allow us to catch up with ourselves.

Today we start the process of bringing THE ART COMPETITION back to being the foremost art competition in the Facebook group constellation.

Here is what we have decided:


We are creating a prize which is priceless.

A section of our website front page is to be reserved for those who achieve the honour of the most Likes and Shares.  This means a chance for artists to benefit from the free promotion with an ever-increasing footfall.

It does mean that as a prizewinner, should you want to have the thumbnail link to your available artwork for sale, it would be good sense to link it to an ArtMarketDirect gallery.  You can register a gallery here.

You may also be invited to be a Featured Artist.



Lloyd Hobbard-Mitchell
Owner and Founding Artist

Email us.


With artists are able to take control of their own careers, list their own pieces for sale to collectors and undertake their own fulfilment of orders.

The only stipulation on is that the work you list is your own and is original.  Where prints are for sale, we ask that all image copyrights belong to you and that you are legally disposed to sell the pieces you have on offer.

The site is FREE to use with only 10% sales commission OR for those willing to bet on themselves with only a nominal subscription (from less than £1/month) to upload unlimited artwork and very low 3% commission on sales.

If you are a creative is the best option you have.


Header Image: Faversham Railway Station. Robert Lamoon

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