Store Products Per Page

Step-by Step: Adjusting no. of Store Products Per Page

When you register your account, the setup wizard allows you to set how many products are shown on each page of your gallery.
It may well be that you change your mind later and want to adjust the number of pieces of artwork shown on each page.
Login in, if you haven’t already
You should see your Vendor Dashboard.
Click Settings (either on the bottom of the left-hand side menu OR at the bottom of the drop-down when you click Vendor Dashboard).
You should see the Store menu item highlighted with you banner setting at the top of the page.
Scroll down the page past:
  1. Profile Picture
  2. Store name
  3. Bio
  4. Artist Statement
You should now see: Store Products Per Page
Using the controls (highlighted above with the red circle) you are able to increase (shown below) or decrease the number of products shown per page in your gallery.
When you are happy with the number you have set, scroll to the bottom of the page and click Update Settings