Directory – Submit A New Listing


The Art Market Directory is a resource for artists worldwide providing local, regional, national and international listing relevant to you in your searches. Businesses and others providing products and services to artists and creatives can post listings for a nominal fee.

If you have a business or service which assists artists, you are easily able to list it in the directory by following these simple steps:

The simplest way to do this is to Goto>Directory

Once you are at the Art Market Directory page you will see above the search panel two buttons: “+ Submit new listing” and “My bookmarks”.


Click + Submit new listing

You will be presented with three listing package options each with varying options and advantages. Choose the best option for you by clicking theSubmit button below the package you like.

If you have not logged in, you will prompted to Log In

If you have an account pleaseLog In. If you have not yet registered with us, you can register now to make your listing. Please note, you do not need to have been registered as an uploading artist to register to list businesses or services within the Art Market Directory.

If you do not already have an account with us of any description, you canRegister.

Now you have either Logged Inusing your existing account details or you have registered and Logged In.

You can now add details to your listing:

Title: Please give your post the name of your business or service

Description: Please describe your business or service. Think about opening hours too and list them here if you need to.

Summary: Please include a summary which will be detailed on the main Directory search results

Category/s: Please select the most appropriate category for your listing

Tags: Please your listing some tags which will help users find you. Think of keywords which best describe your business or service

Contact Name: Please provide the contact name for who artists should contact if that is appropriate - if not, you can leave it blank

Role or Job Title: Please provide a role or job title if that is appropriate - if not, you can leave it blank.

Contact details: Please provide a phone number, website and email address which artists can use to get in touch if that is appropriate. If not, you can leave it blank.

Source: It is sometimes appropriate to details where the information has come from. You can provide the URL here. If not, you can leave it blank.

Image/s: You can now upload your logo and other images as appropriate (depending on which package you chose)

Country: Please tell us which country your business or services is located in


Address/s: Now you can detail the actual address. Please note that if you are using 'cut and paste' to fill in Address 1, you need to click off and then click back onto the field in order for geolocation function to activate. You should be presented with up to three address options to choose from.

You are also now able to set coordinates manually if required. Subject to the plan you have chosen you will be able to add additional addresses at this section too, if for example if you have more than one ‘branch’ or outlet.


At this point you can enhance the mat by zooming in or out to get the best overall aesthetic.

Click: I am not a robot

Click: I agree to the terms and conditions

Click: Submit new listing

You will be taken to the PayPal checkout where you will asked to pay.

If you want to pay later – you can. Your listing has been saved and is available to be reviewed and edited within your dashboard.

Click: Pay Now

As soon as you have paid, your listing will be reviewed and when it can be will be approved in due course (normally within 12 hours).