Writing a Condensed Description

‘A picture is worth a thousand words’

Writing English can be tough; even for an Englishman. Writing English when you are a speaker of a foreign language can be even more difficult.

To succeed in any marketplace, you have to think about ‘brand’ and to understand your brand, doing a condensation exercise can be very beneficial in terms of understanding your ‘brand essence’.

Big multi-million dollar companies go through this process with their own brand identity from time to time and with every new product they launch.

As a fine artist, you can do the same and in this way ensure customers are not faced with unnecessarily wordy descriptiokns.

As an exercise we will look at ‘The Best Shop in Town’; ArtMarketDirect.com’s demonstration gallery.

A 150 word description might look like this:

The Best Shop in Town is a gallery listed on the online art market site ArtMarketDirect.com. The gallery has example products listed against its name and also has all of its basic profile and shop settings updated whenever a new demonstration video is created. The Best Shop in Town is called that because with all of the work doing, undoing and then doing exercises again and agin, one would hope the result is good. Sample Bio and Artist statement text has been inserted to assist other uploading artists to write there own Bio and Artist Statement. Ultimately the Best Shop in Town will remain as a resource as part of the Vendor Academy; a learning aid. The Best Shop in Town does not function as a real gallery. In fact the ‘artistdemo’ email does not function in the conventional sense. Emails will never be read or replied to if sent to there.

This is too wordy. No one will ever bother to read it and if they do, they will be wasting a small irretrievable part of their life.

We need to condense it down to 100 words:

The Best Shop in Town is a gallery learning-aid for uploading artists who use the online art market ArtMarketDirect.com. The shop is used when demonstration video’s for the Vendor Academy. Vendors can look at the gallery with its Bio and Artist statement and get ideas for their own gallery setup. No products are sold by the gallery, it is purely for the declination of information, advice and guidance. The gallery will not be deleted and will always act as a point of reference. The gallery has a fictitious artist called ‘artistdemo’ who updates everything. Artistdemo’s email does not work.

Now 50 words:

The Best Shop in Town is a demonstration gallery used as a learning-aid for artists who use the online art-market ArtMarketDiret.com. The sites Vendor Academy uses the gallery in all its videos when fulfilling tasks including ‘Updating Your Banner’ etc. The gallery is owned by the fictitious user of the site; artistdemo, whose email does not work.

The description is getting better and to the point, but it could still be more condensed. Let’s cut it to 20 words:

The Best Shop in Town is a demonstration learning aid used within the Vendor Academy by uploading artists of ArtMarketDirect.com