Creating Products

Step-by Step: Create a product from Vendor dashboard

Login in, if you haven’t already
You should see your Vendor Dashboard.
Click Products (second from top) on the left hand menu (black). As you enter this page the menu option is bookmarked in blue so you know where you are.
On the right hand side a few cm’s below the ‘Log Out’ button is a large blue button Add New Product. Click that.
The Add New Product pop-up appears.
Enter the title of the piece where it says Product name
Upload your main image and click the + below the main image for any more you want included in the product gallery. (You can drag and drop images in bulk).
Set your Price.
Select the Category. The site is divided like a gallery into various ‘collections’. This is the term we have used instead of category, but it means the same thing.
Write some Tags colours or descriptive nouns such as ‘horse’, ‘dog’, etc. (email us at if the tags you want aren’t there and I’ll add them for you and everyone else to enjoy).

Now you have a choice:

The BLUE button Create and Add New finishes a basic product listing. This is the end of the ‘Quick Listing’.


The GREY button Create New Product allows you to DO MORE…


I always do my Description first and then ‘cut and paste’ the first few paragraphs into the Short Description (if that makes sense).


Click Enable Stock Management. Enter the number of pieces in stock. If it’s a one off click Allow only one...


Fill in the Weight and the Dimensions. If you have not yet set up shipping via the main menu you can’t yet allocate a shipping class. Pop that in later. Vendor DashboardSettingsShipping


Click the drop down called custom attribute and select only one. Click ‘Add attribute‘. Repeat this step as many times as is relevant to your work, going down the options 1-0, Incentives and Piece provided.
Then, go to each you have added and click in the box below ‘Value(s)’. Click Select Terms.
You can add multiple attributes that are relevant. This section seems complicated but it’s similar to our old system and after you have done it once it becomes easier.
Save Attributes.
Save Product.

Now you can :View Product in your Gallery.