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‘Art Market Direct events’ offers anyone involved in the art market the opportunity of adding their art-related event to our central events timeline.

Support ethos

We are a community bound by creativity and inspiration and where we can, we need to support one another’s events. That support comes in many different fashions. It may be that an event is local to you and you can physically give support by going. It may be that you can can share the event on social media – however we can support one another – there is a moral incentive to do so. At Art Market Direct, we believe that the art market is big enough for all to win.

Events you can list

Events which we routinely list include:

  • art fairs
  • biennials & triennials (FREE TO LIST)
  • consultations
  • call for submissions
  • degree shows (FREE TO LIST)
  • exhibitions
  • festivals
  • installations
  • markets (such as Christmas markets)
  • meetings (AGM or routine/scheduled)
  • networking
  • open studios (FREE TO LIST)
  • panel discussions
  • performances
  • pop-up shop opening
  • private view
  • talks/lectures
  • training or workshops
  • shows (group or solo)
  • social (such as quiz, drinks or dinner)

All events can be shared to social media platforms.

Standardised display

All events are detailed using six standardised sections:

  1. Title
  2. Summary (Dates/Time/At)
  3. Image
  4. Details
  5. Venue
  6. Organiser


If you have an account pleaseLog In using the top-bar menu heading My Events' . If you have not yet registered with us, you can register now to create your event. Please note, you do not need to have been registered as an uploading artist to register to create an event.

If you do not already have an account with us of any description, you can Register.

Now you have either Logged In using your existing account details or you have registered and Logged In.

Using the top-bar menu heading My Eventsclick Create Event.

You are notified with a highlighted header: There is a £1.00 charge to add a new post.” Please only proceed if you are happy with that nominal charge.

NOTE: Where you are listing an event which we state is “FREE TO LIST” (See abiove), when you are taken to the paypal page, please just close the tab, DO NOT PAY and send us an email confirming that you need to publish your listing. We will check the listing and once satisfied it complies with the event type offered for free publication, your new event will be published and shared on our social media platforms.

You are then presented with a set of fields to complete. We will deal with these one section at a time:


In this section of the listing, we are getting as much information as we can about the event itself.

Event Name


The name of your event is arguably the most important piece of information displayed. It needs to be brief but also give enough information to potential attendees some information which enables them to find it and know that it is different from anything else listed on the timeline.

For example, If the artist Joanna Bloggs were hosting an Open Studio event, there would be no merit in her naming her event simply ‘Open Studio’ since there are so many. To find an event with a very common name would be difficult. A compromise would be to call the event ‘Jo Bloggs Artist Open Studio’. This would help attendees to see the event on the timeline and know instantly the nature of the event.

Event Duration

The event duration field helps us to understand what date options to give. With a one off event which happens on a single day, Jo only needs one date field completed. For events which straddle two days or more, a start date and an end date is required. The first question we are asking for is whether the event is a ‘Single Day’ or ‘Multi Day’ event.

Event Start Date

For Single Day events, the start date is the date of the event. It is that simple.

For Multi Day events, this is the first day the event is taking place.

Event End Date

This field is only applied if Jo had selected ‘Multi Day’.

Event Hours

Some events have an open door and attendees turn up as and when they like during opening times. For some events such as meetings or networking events there might be a specific time attendees need to attend. You can enter some text here to make it clear what attendees can expect. For Jo’s event she decided to write: “Doors Open between 9am-5pm – come when you like – Free flow tea, chat and biscuits after 1pm”.

Event Type

The art market is dominated by the calendar of events through any year. We have tried to include all the different type of events we think you might want to list and promote. As always, if y0ou think there is something missing, you can always just get in touch on

Ticketed Event

The Art Market Direct events function is not a booking or ticketing function but rather a simple ‘declaration of event’.

If you require the additional functionality of bookings and ticketing, we recommend listing your event here and ALSO using Eventbrite. Once you have created your Eventbrite event, detail the Eventbrite event URL (especially if your event is free because then Eventbrite will not charge you) within the description or in the website section.

Since Jo’s event is free and easy, she most probably select ‘No’.

It could be though that Jo is worried too many people will turn up at 1pm (last year Jo had 50 people turn up for tea, chat and a buscuit and she couldn’t cope) and wants to offer time slots and a means to book appointments.

If Jo selects ‘Yes’, then an additional field shows and Jo can provide information about tickets, ticket types, booking instructions etc. She might even include a URL link to Eventbrite or to a Facebook event she created last night.

Event Description

This is where you have a chance to answer the question – ‘Why not do something else instead?’

Words are limited so be concise. What might folk see, do, hear, meet which if they dont attend they miss out?

Make sure information that you now about the event but others don’t automatically know is included.

In the case of Artist Jo, she decided to take an excerpt from her Artist Statement as a quote and then detail information about the new work she has been focused upon for the last year. Serious enough for information to be passed but not boring and inspiring enough for people to look forward to the event, but ‘not sales pitchy’.

Event Image

Jo doesn’t have a logo and so decided to use the image she is most well-known for. She was selected by a local news paper three years ago in an open submission competition and she won first prize. The painting was of a unicorn in a sailboat flying over a desert. Her sky was very impactful with multi-coloured acrylic dribble which Jo found particularly pleasing and will ‘stand out’ because it is so vibrant. She had lots of feedback from people who said they would never forget it and her a member of the local sailing club bought it. She now offers prints of the piece for sale from her studio.


In this section of the listing, we are getting as much information as we can about the venue itself.

Venue Name

Does the venue or building you are having the event in have a name?

Venue Tel No

Does the venue or building you are having the event in have a telephone number attendees can call for information on access, parking, disabled facilities etc?

Write the address in the simplest way you can.

Venue Town / City

Tell folk which village, Town or City the event venue is in.



Venue State / County

Tell folk in which Province, State or County your event venue is located.

Venue Zip Code or Postcode

Many GPS functions work from zip codes or postcodes. Help people get to your event venue by listing the zip code or postcode.

Venue Country

Tell us which country the event is taking place in.

Venue Website

If the venue has a website, you can list it here. Attendees might decide to learn a little more about the venue or might use the venue website to answer questions they have about access, parking disabled facilities, local hotels etc.


In this section of the listing process, we are getting as much information as we can about the organiser.

Organisers Name

This could be a persons name, a company or an organisation. What you use is up to you.



Organisers Description

In this section our example event organiser simply used a large excerpt for her artist statement to describe herself.

Organisers Tel No

It is important to provide contact details for attendees to use if they have questions.

Organisers Email

It is important to provide contact details for attendees to use if they have questions.

Organisers Web Address

The website of the organiser might not be the same as the venue or the event itself. If that is the case, you can enter it here.

Terms and Conditions

This is a legal requirement and we recommend you read the Terms of Use.


Click the blue button at the button to end the process and your event will be in a queue for tertiary review and final approval.

Note: You will be able to edit your event after it is approved – if for example you have forgotten to put a link or some other minor change.

You can edit your event by clicking on the top-bar menu heading My Eventsclick Dashboard.

Within your dashboard any events you have posted will be listed with their ‘status’ displayed (whether it is Awaiting Approval, Live or Scheduled).

Alongside the event name, you can click Edit.

When you have finished editing your event, please remember to click Update to save any changes you have made.

If you decide to cancel this listing and post another one – you will need to pay £1 for each new listing.