What is the Art Market Directory?


The Art Market Directory is a resource for artists worldwide providing local, regional, national and international listing relevant to you in your searches. Businesses and others providing products and services to artists and creatives can post listings for a nominal fee.  We are always happy to hear from artists who might know of a resource we have not yet listed which will benefit other artists.

It is our attempt to provide to all creatives a comprehensive, a truly diverse and globally local resource of information.

Whenever any of our uploading artists, or indeed, other creatives have got in touch with us and asked us to include something, we do that since recommendations and word of mouth is vitally important when a resource is valued by the people who use it.

Are listings permanent?

No.  Listings which have not been claimed or renewed will automatically be unpublished at the end of the prescribed period.

Although the listing has been created, you or your business will need to ‘claim’ the listing if it is to remain in the directory after the first listing period of 3-years.

How has the directory been arranged or organised?

At inception, we created a number of different categories for entries and these have grown over time.

The second major way listings have been arranged is geographical.  All listings are placed on the map and so can be filtered by using a postcode (zipcode) or distance from your location at the time of a search.

Why should I bother adding my art-related business to the Art Market Directory?

It’s a good question and like all great exam conundrums, the answer lies within it.

If your business or activities are ‘art-related’, then we think you should consider if you might get more traffic to your site or foot-fall to your business by being listed.

In our research of the directory, we have found that each listing will receive an average of an additional 25 visits per year lasting more than 1 minute.  This means that folk are taking the time to read or learning about what you do.

Considering that the listing is free for a trial period, doesn’t that mean it’s worth trying?

Does it cost money to be listed?

We do charge a nominal fee for advertising commercial ventures on the directory.

There are also exceptions to the paid for listing which we commit will be free always.  These free categories include:

  • Academic listings, such as schools, colleges and universities.
  • Biennials and Trianials.
  • Open Studio Organisers and Support Organisations
  • Galleries

We know that whatever categories were considered FREE, there will always be someone who will ask “Why not this category or that category?”.  In reality, we are a private concern and we need to make money, the decision that anything is FREE is determined by our owner.