Reporting a Bug

Feedback, Suggestions and Corrective Improvement Action

Our uploading artists know our site better than anyone else. You spend hours working on the site and when a bug is found we ask that you report it as quickly as possible.

You can tell us about the bug you find by using the ChatBot (the small blue icon at the bottom left of your screen).

It is important to help us prioritise, so please tell us – “WHAT, WHERE, HOW”:

a) What is the problem?

b) Where can we find it?

c) How can we recreate the same problem you have witnessed?

All bugs will be immediately referred to our developer team and fixed. Our developer team work 24 hours per day/7 days a week, and so sometimes, bugs are fixed at the time of reporting.

In all cases we will come back to you by email to inform you about the fix, so you know for sure that we have listened to you and done something about it.

Bug Designation

To help you understand how long it will take to fix, the following guidelines have been created. Obviously sometimes bugs require more work than an imagined guideline, but in general the following applies:

Emergency: Identified, Investigated, Fixed and Tested (Up to 36 hours)

Urgent: Identified, Investigated, Fixed and Tested (Up to 72 hours)

Routine: Identified, Investigated, Fixed and Tested (Up to 7 days)

You can the close ChatBot fimction at any time by clicking the X at the top-right of the dialogue box.