Completing Your Store SEO

Lots of folk find this confusing.

SEO is an acronym of Search Engine Optimization. There are certain places where we can place text which directly assists search engines such as Google to takes titles, headlines and other key information (Meta).

When faced with the blank sections of this page it can be a little daunting.  Do not worry – you can’t break anything if you get this wrong.

Follow these easy steps and you will get it right.

  1. At the SEO Title box, type the name of your gallery.
  2. Under the META description, describe your gallery or your art.  Write as concisely as possible.
  3. Describe your gallery in less than 20 words. (See ‘Writing a condensed description’ in the Academy documentation)
  4. Next click inside the box entitled Meta keywords.  These keywords summarise  your brand in a few words.
  5. Do not go made here.  Endeavour to say everything you want to using in between 9-15 words each separated by a comma.
  6. If you use more than 15 words you are diluting the effectiveness of the Meta keyword system and your SEO may lose traction when each engine crawl over it to extract and display your information to the wider world on the web.

An example of the SEO part filled out is here: